Love The Mission

LabTheRat_LoveTheMission_500px AMPANG, MALAYSIA, 8 MAY 2013 – Laguna Music proudly announces the  release of Lab The Rat’s debut album entitled ‘Love The Mission’.

Sometimes in life, all you need is a happy song, and ‘Love The Mission’  generously supplies 8 of them. Although observers of the Malaysian music  scene may recognise Syarul as the frontman of local heavy rock band Love  Me Butch, Lab The Rat is a totally different proposition with their charming  insistence on entertaining audiences with their sweet melodies and infectiously  happy stage presence. Successfully transferring that happy feeling from their  live shows onto their debut album, it is guaranteed to warm even the coldest of  hearts, with songs that jingle and jangle and simply beg for the listeners to  sing along.

This 8-track album includes previously released singles ‘I Know’, which  garnered significant airplay on stations like XFM and Hitz.FM and  ‘Unstoppable’. To commemorate the release of their debut album, the song  ‘City’ has been chosen to be the album’s first single.

Band members Shahirah and Syarul met at the studio (Lab Rat Jam Studios, Section 13 Shah Alam) in 2004 where Syarul (and Kech) were working at the time. They later bought over the studio to manage themselves. Syarul, also frontman of heavy rock band Love Me Butch, needed an outlet for his more light and carefree feel for music, and so banded together with two of his other brothers – Syaril and Syaiful, (his then fiancé) Shahirah, a friend and long-time studio hand, Kech to form alternative-folkish-pop band Lab The Rat. Their first live show was a qualifying round for the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) Competition, which sent them to the national finals in Planet Hollywood (KL). Winning the nationals (and RM50,000 then), they were then sent to the UK to play at the London Scala Theatre for the World Finals. The music that came from this union? Carefree and full of life! Bandmate Nik Azwaa joined in early 2009 and in middle of 2011 they were signed to independent music label, Laguna Music.

Produced by Saiful Ridzuan (SevenCollar T-Shirt, Estrella, Guba) and Jeffrey Little (Prana, Estrella, SevenCollar T-Shirt, Pure Vibracion, Guba) and co-produced by vocalist Syarul Reza himself, with the aid of engineers Hafiz Ahmad, Bijan FX, Jeffrey Little, Saiful Ridzuan and Tom Bollocks, the album was completed over a period of 2 years. Recorded at Greenhouse Studios and Tune Studios, the mixing of the album was by Hafiz Ahmad (Pesawat, Guba) at Tune Studios and the mastering of the album was done by Steve Vavagiakis of Bang Zoom Productions, New York, USA.

Producer, Jeffrey Little quoted, “It’s been a long process due to the band’s work schedule and family commitments; Syarul and Shahirah welcomed their first child in October 2012 and 3 months later, guitarist Nik Azwaa and wife welcomed their first child as well. We had 5 engineers from 2 different studios to work on this album and we are proud to finally present it to the public and especially to the loyal fans who have waited so patiently for the release”.

The album will be made available to the public, in both physical and digital formats, from 8th May 2013. The physical album is priced RM25.00. Digital formats which will be available are full song downloads & streaming as well as caller ringback-tones.

Purchase the album online @ Laguna Music Online Store –