Guba – Hilang


1. Purple River
2. Oh Please
3. You and Me
4. You’re So Fine (Feat. Yuna)
5. Aku Pergi
6. Sunday Morning
7. Alright
8. A Beauty Company (Feat. Diana Danielle)
9. Did We
10. Hilang

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“I have to go straight in and say that Gubaʼs debut album Hilang is absolutely amazing. This Sabahanʼs honest vocals blended with melodies that are enchantingly evergreen will make this album a great listen even in a couple of years time to come. Guba makes classic music and doesnʼt ride with the trend wave. Itʼs tha heartfelt emotions in his songs that creates a wonderful musical journey that is pleasant to the ears in so many occasions. He managed to excel in both English and Malay tracks, as well as having beautiful lyrica skills that is so rare these days. You canʼt help but to think wow, this should go international! Hilang wil transform your listening pleasure into serenity like no other. Guba is a brilliant addition to the music scene tha makes Hilang one of the best and honest albums I have heard this year.”
– Kevin Yeoh, Music Journalist.

“This album is rather beautifully produced and Guba himself is a breath of fresh air in the local singer-songwriter world…The first time I saw photos of Guba I thought this kid should be singing for an emo/metal band or something but instead he sounds like Rufus Wainwright and it’s rather funny but a few shades of awesome as well. This album is soulful and I really like his duets with both girls, they’re both perfect matches…”
– Ili FM, Music Observer.

All songs written & composed by: Gabriel Robert
Produced by: Jeffrey Little, Jason Voo & Saiful Ridzuan
Recorded at: Greenhouse Studio, Tune Studios & Zahid Ahmad Drumworks Studio
Recorded by: Jeffrey Little, Hafiz Ahmad, Bijan FX, Jason Voo, Tom Bollocks, Saiful Ridzuan
Album mixed by: Hafiz Ahmad @ Tune Studios
Album mastered by: Joe Gastwirt @ Joe Gastwirt Mastering

Guitar / Vocals: Gabriel Robert
Guitars: Saiful Ridzwan
Drums: Jeffrey Little
Keyboards/Piano: Jason Voo
Bass: Kelly

Additional Musicians:
Drums: Zahid Ahmad (You’re So Fine / Sunday Morning)
Guitars: Ham Abdullah (Alright/Hilang)
Percussions: Olly (Aku Pergi /Oh Please)
Zahid Ahmad (You’re So Fine/Sunday Morning)
Afifullah (Sunday Morning)
Strings (You’re So Fine): Hizami Arsad – Cello
Ahmad Munir Mahzair – Violin
Muhammad Saufi Nasyari – Violin
Cello (Aku Pergi/Hilang): Mariamlisa Zainal Abidin
Horn Section (Sunday Morning): Muhd Aidili Fitri bin Rosman – Trombone
Shahir Sharis Ismail – Trumpet
Dani – Trumpet
Backing Vocals: Ariff Zahidee (Sunday Morning)
Saiful Ridzuan (Aku Pergi)

Management: Jeremy Little
Ena Riduan

All songs published by: Laguna Music
Sub-published by: Universal Music Publishing Malaysia