In the year 2000, after jamming their first reggae song, ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley, PureVibracion, Malaysia’s original Roots Reggae act based in Kuala Lumpur was formed. Combining their musical experiences and various influences, PureVibracion, gave their full commitment to writing songs, with a clear message of spreading love, peace & patriotism. The concept of their songs is all about increasing awareness to global issues, such as war & poverty, with the hope of spreading love, building unity, peace & respect throughout the world.

Through their performances not only are they entertaining to the youth, but through their music they try their best to educate them and make them more aware of issues affecting the world. These make up the key elements in their music. After being approached to contribute 2 songs for the Journeyman Compilation album, PureVibracion, went to the studio and recorded ‘Pesan Nenek’ & ‘Gimme Love’. The compilation album was released in 2005 under Deathstar Productions.

On 15th September 2006, Mr. Ram Karthigasu, former General Manager of PEACE MALAYSIA on behalf of the organisations President Dato Mukhriz Tun Mahatir, officially appointed PureVibracion as an Ambassador to PEACE MALAYSIA.

With a solid line-up consisting of Joe, Mie, Bai, Miyan, Jeff, Cha’an & Ariff, PureVibracion secured a deal with one of Malaysia’s top indie record labels, Laguna Music in 2008. Without delay, they headed into the studio to record their long awaited debut album called Love & Peace, featuring songs ‘Mi Gal’, ‘Gimme Love’, ‘Keroncong’ & ‘Pesan Nenek’. After just 5 weeks of airplay in the Hitz.fm’s Malaysian English Top 10 chart, their debut single release, ‘Mi Gal’ hit the number 1 spot. This hit song was also featured in the Fly FM Campur Chart peaking at number 2, and is currently on high rotation on both stations.

Simultaneously with the release of their single, PureVibracion launched their own reggae clothing line, Vibracion Irie Wear, which thus far has generated a large number of sales, further increasing the popularity of the band. With their debut album ‘Love & Peace’ released in 2008, PureVibracion has achieved large success, popularity & respect throughout Malaysia and members of the music industry.


Genre: Reggae
Year Formed: 2000
Origin: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Reggae Joe Vocals / Guitar
Mie Bass
Bai Drums
Jijoe Lead Guitar
Jeff Percussion